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Who and What Are We?

As a first Kyrgyz IT company developing software for autonomous mobility and embedded software, our company is at the forefront of this technology in Kyrgyzstan and it is a significant accomplishment. 

Having the ability to offer cutting-edge technology and systematic development in autonomous mobility and target software to clients in Kyrgyzstan and beyond, sets you apart from others in the market and gives you a competitive edge. This can be a valuable asset for your company and can help it to grow and establish itself as a leader in the field.

What are we doing?

Automation, AI

Software Integration (+ for automotive industry) Development of highly intelligent systems

System Development

AD (autonomous driving), AVP (automated vehicle parking), ADAS (advanced driver-assistance systems), AEB (Automatic emergency braking)

AR/VR Programming

With augmented reality, the sales, service and training process can be made more flexible and efficient

System Engeneering

Software for microcontrollers, sensors

What industry do we operate in?



Software for Microcontrollers,


Technologies we use in development

Our company is experienced in a variety of programming languages like C++, C# and Python. These languages are commonly used in the development of autonomous driving systems

Using these languages in combination, our company can develop high-performance and reliable software for autonomous mobility systems, and also use the libraries and frameworks available in Python, that could enhance the development of complex algorithms and data analysis

Why us?

Our company has a number of strengths that set it apart from other companies in the Kyrgyz market. 

Having experience in developing products for the European market is a significant advantage, as it demonstrates our company’s ability to meet the high standards and requirements of international customers. This experience can give your clients confidence that our company has the expertise and resources necessary to develop products that will be successful in the global market


Having already existing developments and intellectual property is another important differentiator for our company. Having a portfolio of proven products and technology can give your clients confidence that our company has the capability to deliver high-quality solutions. Additionally, owning intellectual property can give our company a competitive advantage, allowing you to offer unique and differentiated products and services to our clients

Together with Staff-eye Group we understand and develop systems

Our skills

Our company is making significant contributions in the field of autonomous driving. Developing a software framework for simulating autonomous mobility algorithms using an solution independent simulations, as well as a comprehensive software package for generating maps, interfacing with autonomous algorithms, and processing and displaying data, are all important steps in advancing the technology. Using advanced communication methods and open interface we are able to integrated customers and partners in our solution of future automation. 

By providing technical consulting and management, our company is also able to help other organizations implement these technologies in their own projects. Our company’s focus on interdisciplinarity, automation, data analytics, and collaboration are all strengths that can be leveraged to develop advanced safety systems and autonomous driving algorithms. With experience in various fields such as telecom, government information systems, intelligent car management, and financial services, your company is well-positioned to help a wide range of clients in the field of autonomous mobility


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