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Join our internship at Entwicklerburg: Work on innovative projects in autonomous mobility and software, learn from mentors and develop innovative products.


  • Proficiency in C++ and Python programming languages
  • Upper intermediate proficiency in English
  • Passion for tackling complex challenges
  • A keen interest in learning new technologies
  • Willingness to adapt to different programming languages as tools for problem-solving

Internship Details:

  • Duration: 3 months
  • Compensation: Paid internship
  • Future Employment Opportunities: Exceptional interns may be considered for future employment with Entwicklerburg upon successful completion of the internship.

Why Intern with Entwicklerburg?

  • Cutting-Edge Projects: Engage in projects at the forefront of autonomous mobility and embedded software development, gaining hands-on experience in an innovative industry.
  • Mentorship and Learning: Work closely with seasoned professionals who are eager to guide you through real-world challenges and share their wealth of knowledge.
  • Diverse Skill Development: Sharpen your skills not only in C++ and Python, but also in adapting to different programming languages for effective problem-solving.
  • Inclusive Environment: Be a part of a dynamic, collaborative team that fosters creativity, diversity, and mutual respect.
  • Pathway to Future Employment: Outstanding interns may have the opportunity to join Entwicklerburg as full-time employees upon successful completion of the internship.

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